Sublimation Fabric

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Heavy Polyester / Lycra Jersey

Heavy Polyester / Lycra Jersey Preview Quality Code: Q1039
Composition: 80% Polyester 20% Spandex

A  versatile heavier stretch fabric suitable for active sports wear, swim wear, or fashion. Also used for netball skirts and… Read more »

Width: 152 cms | Weight: 240 gsm | Yield:

7034 Small pinhole Sports fabric

7034 Small pinhole Sports fabric Preview Quality Code: Q7034
Composition: 100% Polyester

A versatile high performance lighter weight sports fabric designed for printing by Sublimation Ideal for sports shirts, singlets and shorts.

Width: 160 cm | Weight: 165 - 170 gsm | Yield:

Compression Fabric

Compression Fabric Preview Quality Code: DJ120
Composition: Polyester / Spandex

Compression fabric with spandex. Great for tights, shorts and now used for football jerseys

Width: 153cm | Weight: 260gsm | Yield:


Coolmesh® Preview Quality Code: Q7011
Composition: 100% Hi Tech Multifilament Polyester

This 100% Australian made high performance sport fabric  uses a Moisture Management system and multfilament technology that draws moisture away… Read more »

Width: 153cm | Weight: 165gsm | Yield:

Coolmesh® – Heavyweight

Coolmesh® – Heavyweight Preview Quality Code: Q7027
Composition: 100% Hi Tech Multifilament Polyester

Developed for baseball and ice hockey uniforms

Width: 195cm | Weight: 220 gsm | Yield:

Football Jersey

Football Jersey Preview Quality Code: Q7038
Composition: 100% Polyester

Football Jersey Fabric. Softer finish and more stretch.

Width: 155 cm | Weight: 190gsm | Yield:

Footy Short Fabric ( DJ 112 )

Footy Short Fabric  ( DJ 112 ) Preview Quality Code: DJ112
Composition: 100% Polyester

Developed specifically for Australian rules and suitable for footy shorts for all ages and divisions. Tough, durable and comfortable, with just the… Read more »

Width: 153 cm | Weight: 230 gsm | Yield:

Heavyweight Small Pinhole

Heavyweight Small Pinhole Preview Quality Code: Q7028
Composition: 100% Polyester

Suitable, and used for printed sports jerseys , in NRL, Baseball and Ice Hockey, but can be used in any… Read more »

Width: 155cm | Weight: 265gsm | Yield:


Interlock Preview Quality Code: DJ118
Composition: 100% Polyester

New silky polyester interlock. Great for soccer shirts and athletic tops.

Width: 160cm | Weight: 200gsm | Yield:

Mock Mesh

Mock Mesh Preview Quality Code: Q7030
Composition: 100% polyester

Think of a sport, think of a shirt…. this fabric will work.   Unusual ” golf ball” type dimple pattern, and… Read more »

Width: 153 cms | Weight: 165 gms | Yield: