SPORTMAXX ( high performance sporting fabric )

QRF has developed a better, stronger and more durable  fabric for active sports pullovers than ever before .
Using advanced Low Torque Yarn Technology, we have produced a fabric with 30% stronger burst strength and tear resistance,  giving greater protection in contact sports like Aussie rules and Rugby. 
This fabric has also been tested for sublimation printing up to 204ºC with perfect results.

Your football teams jumpers are probably made from this fabric,  if they aren`t , you should ask why?

Now available in Heavy weight ( 270 G/M2 ) quality no. Q3007 H.

Also now available in a soft finish  ( quote DJ III) or ask your rep for a sample.


Quality Code: Sportmaxx Q3007
Composition: 100% Polyester
Width: 150cm
Weight: 250gsm
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